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Editorial: The Future of Obstructionism

The present is anxious.  Running in circles, distressed by the idea of new, people search for options. Some bounce against the same walls.  Others dig for answers in the past, hoping to find a handy set of contextualization tools.  But as the digging continues a change in focus and tone overtakes the task…suddenly nostalgia proliferates.  In turn movements are reduced to trivial fashions where ideological scaffolds are never addressed.  While dissecting the past we should never be naive.
The present is presenting itself as an obstruction. Defined solely by tired systems, which cancels possibilities, action is stymied. The lack of importance placed on the now creates an anxiety that casts a shadow of doubt over future endeavors. The current situation reduces the future to a cheap promise.
The future needs to be reclaimed.
Conjugation provides conceptual and practical options.  The difficult part is deciding what those options entail.  The process is a directional exercise.  This present situation will not exempt us from uncertainty.  By nature, future perfect is never static, nor certain. That’s why it will be our path.
If we must choose between time-capsules or postcards, we’ll take postcards.  The aging traveler marks each new destination with a flourish of the pen.  The snapshot proclaims an arrival. Consider Set To Signal a stream of postcards from the future.
Walled cities disappeared long ago, yet current metropolises are surrounded by obstructions.  Constraints trigger all our creative potentiality.  Obstructionism is the means to an end.