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Where none can trow how right the light

By Brandon Brown

The imperative is a mood but it’s bound to the future, since a command cannot address itself to the irreparable and its utterance occupies the present.   You will dance until you die and by you I mean the object of the imperative make the most of the night like we’re gonna die young in Ke$ha’s “Die Young.”   The we in her poem is you and us.  Syntactical contingency feels frozen until finally relieved by kinetic necessity.  Until the cells learn how to die you’ll be there,  a herald of transcendent thinking, making the most of the night as if you knew that you were about to die young.

You will not be persuaded by purveyors of cryogenic head freezing.  Because you know your head is useless without a pelvis that can buck and moisten.  Heart beating like the pulse of a club in the 25th century.  You will be dead and by you I mean I will be.  The imperative creates a conditional world in which Ke$ha commands you to live your life better and more boldly.  To remain in motion and never stop being in motion.

You will have behaved. You will account for what conditions you have eased into being or banished.  You will cringe recalling what you said to Adam and Zack in that hovel.  You will not cringe recalling how so much of your life was honey and communism.  And by you I mean the person whose eyes I meet in the mirror in a club.  I mean you reading this.

The best part of any prophetic speech is the part where the prophet uses the future tense to express an observation about the present which she is not permitted to express in that tense. Which expressing in the present would put the prophet in danger.  Or hendecasyllabics that mask a fact which atrophies life.

You will rub lunches with Cylons, you will retch nub, you will be combined with your phone, you will brunch 3,412 times successfully and you will forget the times you failed to brunch, you will remain in motion until you rest, dancing until you die.  And you will curds and whey.

You will continue to be in motion until you are at rest.  And when you are rest you will have had the word “FUN” tattooed on both feet.  And by you I mean Ke$ha.  By you I mean the human universe’s very long swan song, which Ke$ha improves.  You will fuck and be fucked inside it, and you will help sing the song.  You will know all the words.  You will have your affairs in order because affairs are order.  And by you I mean me all of us.