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Editorial: The Future Of Living Forever

1.  This is not a religious concern, like Cryonics.

2.  This is not a comedic concern, like Cryonics.

3.  Life is priceless, some say.

4.  Some have faith in science.

5.  Science is best without faith.

6.  Disambiguation is immortal.

7.  Turritopsis dohrnii is immortal, some say.  They have yet to prove it (they have faith).

8.  The future of living forever lies with memory.

9.  Perfect memory always collapses.

10. “Gentlemen, don’t forget posterity is watching.” Or something like that said Françoise Le Lionnais.

11. “Gentlemen, don’t collapse like the immortal jellyfish, the secret lies with posterity.” Or something like that.