Uncle _______  Atlantic Charter Uncle _______ Atlantic Charter

Uncle _______ Atlantic Charter

Uncle _______ decided to write an ambitious poem. His take on Gesamtkunstwerk, he stated.  Rather than writing the actual text, he instead designed a language with a system for the poem to manifest itself.  Being a man from the middle-part of the Atlantic Ocean, he chose that to be the theme, or more precisely the platform for the poem to “happen”.

He didn’t want to deal with the subjectivities of writing something about or with oceanic themes, a cliché for him (a vanguardist?).  But he loved the middle-part of the Atlantic so much that he created a way for its characters to write it themselves.

The language he designed is both logographic and syllabic; the symbols are taken from knots at ports and on vessels.  Some are letters, some are words and some are phrases.  There is also an algorithmic component, depending on the sequence of knots found in certain areas, for example, on a boat.  His basic idea was to generate a poem that, like the ocean, is always moving.

The countless journals he filled have been lost.  He claimed that someone will find them someday.  People say it was just a port hoax.  All that remains are these fragments and some notes.

Clouds of no-see-ums bob above a school of fish.

A coral reef of rope grows around knots.  Pieces dangle toward the sun.

Land crabs braid their way over dunes woven in sea oats.

Glassy swells shatter white water.

A tropical depression flattens furrowed sand.


the ocean is, quite simply, “still going on”.
sea fleas
tropical depression
tar (taken off w/ kerosene)
sea glass
gulf stream
bath water
sand shark
opening your eyes in salt water
rippled sandy ocean floor
sunrise / sunset
hot humid nights
talking knots
sand in bathing suit
schools of fish
sand in ears
sea salt
white water
glassy waves
land crabs
sea oats
sea lice
waves breaking
sand dollar
all at sea
set to sail

Un·cle ______
1. Uses floating tar to plug holes in pine buckets.  Seaweed is used for emergencies.
2. a. Climbs mountains in the middle-part of the Atlantic.
    b. Nautical Sails single-handedly.
3. Forearms give false sense of tightness.
4. Places sand dollars in palm trees.
5. Slang Will never marry.
6. 1/8th Incan.

1.a. A compact intersection of interlaced material, such as cord, ribbon, or rope.
   b. A fastening made by tying together lengths of material, such as rope, in a prescribed way.

2. A decorative bow of ribbon, fabric, or braid.
3. A unifying bond, especially a marriage bond.
4. A tight cluster of persons or things: a knot of onlookers.
5. A feeling of tightness: a knot of fear in my stomach.  (this has Kayfabe potential)
6. A complex problem.
7. a. A hard place or lump, especially on a tree, at a point from which a stem or branch grows.
b. The round, often darker cross section of such a lump as it appears on a piece of cut lumber. Also called node.

8. A protuberant growth or swelling in a tissue: a knot in a gland.
9.a. Nautical. A division on a log line used to measure the speed of a ship.
b. Abbr. kn. or kt. A unit of speed, one nautical mile per hour, approximately 1.85 kilometers
(1.15 statute miles) per hour.
 c. A distance of one nautical mile.