The future of Kayfabe


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Tomorrow I will go to the grocery store.  Some guy will cut me off and take my parking spot.  I’ll flick him off, honk and drive into another parking spot.  I know I can do this.  I know the neighborhood … Continue reading

Uncle _______ Atlantic Charter

Uncle _______  Atlantic Charter Uncle _______ Atlantic Charter

Uncle _______ decided to write an ambitious poem. His take on Gesamtkunstwerk, he stated.  Rather than writing the actual text, he instead designed a language with a system for the poem to manifest itself.  Being a man from the middle-part … Continue reading

El Chupacabras (The Goatsucker)

Chupacabra El Chupacabras

by Pedro Cabiya May 31, 2012. Dear Pablo Guardiola: It’s been several months since I received your message.  Your petition, persistently reiterated throughout this whole time, seems to me annoying, impertinent and futile.  If I don’t respond to you now I … Continue reading

Untitled (Stone dog)

Untitled (Stone dog) Untitled (Stone dog)

By Catherine Czacki One thing pretends to be another. In this particular case, stone pretends to be paper. Stone is subject to gradual wear from rain and wind. Paper degrades when exposed to minimal amounts of light, water, or time. Henri … Continue reading

Editorial: The Future of Kayfabe

Editorial Kayfabe

Fundamentally, kayfabe was the backbone of the wrestling industry.  The line that separates the private life from the professional one is particularly thin for old-school wrestlers.  An old code determined that a wrestler should never “break character”, keeping up the … Continue reading