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Character Development of Uncle ____

Uncle ____ is a first mate on a cargo ship. The shipping company is an American outfit out of Palm Beach, FL. They operate exclusively in the Caribbean. Their ships are small, compared to the ones that go across the Atlantic and the Pacific. The smaller cargo ships are the only ones that can get into the Caribbean harbors. It’s a niche business, with not too much growth, but it’s stable.

His sister tells everyone that he could be a captain of his own ship, but his head is in the clouds and his soul is too entwined with the ocean. She doesn’t tell everyone what she also knows; that he’s a liability because he can’t be trusted with his own boat. He fell into the ocean too many times. He likes rum. He’s the best first mate the shipping company has. The company always partners him with their new captains. For both it’s part education, part hazing.

His sister is dating, and then will get married to a bartender from San Juan, PR. The bartender will eventually own his own bar. He understands Uncle ____ better than his future wife. He knows about drinking and the importance of being alone during the rainy, pre-dawn hours. Part of him is just like Uncle____. That part of him is tame, but he can’t help but wonder what life would have been like if it wasn’t.

Uncle ____ and his sister are from the countryside. Their father is a musician and their mother is a teacher. She is also a teacher and wants to have four children. Uncle _____’s only friend works at the Caribe Hilton as a lounge singer. They have known each other since they were seven. Uncle ____’s buddy and father are close and occasionally do gigs together. Their close relationship is both perplexing and vexing to Uncle ____.

The creation of the gesamtkunstwerk is from 1981 – 1983. Uncle ____ disappeared after that.

The film is in pre-production.
Christopher Doyle will be the cinematographer.
Javier Bardem as Uncle____.
Michelle Williams as the sister.
Michael Fassbender as the bartender.
Luis Guzmán as the buddy.
Daniel Radcliffe as the captain.
Nastassja Kinski as the mother.
And two-time Academy Award® winner Dustin Hoffman as the father.